Adam is an Art practitioner specializing in painting, based near Tynemouth. The work is figurative, but with an eye for the abstract.  Colour, shape, and mark making play their role in imagery that strives towards an other worldliness/ surreal environment.  Adam's most recent work includes portraits from 1980's cult film in the form of nostalgic Pop Art and local North Eastern scenes spliced with narrative from the works of Franz Kafka.  Other scenes or "happenings", show homage to American Artist Edward Hopper.

Earlier work concerns life experiences from traveling abroad including images taken from trips to Germany and various locations in Asia.  Adam's paintings refer to his interests including images taken from film, narrative from stories, people he knows or who has met and places that he has been to and has lived in.

Adam was born and grew up near Tynemouth where he continues to live and work.